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Title Published Date Hits
Nationalist article introduces our new principal 20 November 2020 Hits: 40
Remember...... 06 October 2020 Hits: 64
Wellbeing 13 September 2020 Hits: 30
Latest Health News 01 September 2020 Hits: 64
Returning to School (Links fixed) 13 August 2020 Hits: 25
Way To Pay Details 12 August 2020 Hits: 18
Letter from the Principal - April 20th 20 April 2020 Hits: 833
Latest Announcement from Minister for Education 10 April 2020 Hits: 515
Google Classroom Guide for Parents 03 April 2020 Hits: 274
Principal's Easter Letter 03 April 2020 Hits: 566

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borrisvocschool Our 1 Pine English class were learning about writing letters and sent letters to @presidentirl. This week they rece…
borrisvocschool @MS_eduIRL Is there an easy way to stop students from Chatting in Teams, without shutting down chat function completely?? 🥸
borrisvocschool RT @jct_re: It’s #ScienceWeek and today is #WorldScienceDayForPeaceAndDevelopment, both highlight the important role that science has in so…
borrisvocschool RT @MS_eduIRL: Build a #dyslexia inclusive classroom with Immersive Reader for OneNote. This full-screen tool can improve comprehension of…
borrisvocschool As we prepare (already!!) for incoming students in 2021, all the information you will need, and our colourful new…