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Metalwork and Engineering in Borris

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The Metalwork/Engineering Department in Borris VS is currently served by two teachers. It is one of the most popular areas of study in the school and produces a high percentage of honours grades in Junior and Leaving Cert.

Both Junior and Leaving cert assessments comprise of written, coursework and practical grades. As a result, the classes are structured in a way that reflects the practical nature of the subjects whilst also catering for the theoretical elements. There is a large emphasis placed on the use of ICT throughout Junior and Senior Cycle - especially when it comes to research and design.

A further innovative development in the department is the addition of a Laser Cutter and a 3D printer. The laser cutter can cut plastics and soft metals using a laser beam to produce 100% accurate parts for use in projects. It can also be used to engrave pictures taken on digital cameras onto plastics and glass. The 3D printer represents the cutting edge of educational technology and is capable of producing either a concept design or a replica of an existing component.

Both of these machines engage pupils in higher order thinking during the design and manufacture of components. The requirement to utilise Solidworks to create their designs and then transfer them to either computer controlled machine has close links to current industrial practice and therefore provides students with the skills that employers desire.

Students who choose Metalwork for Junior Cert and Engineering for their Leaving Cert may wish to persue further education in areas such as Mechanical, marine, aeronautical or agricultural engineering among others. 

The Engineering Curriculum can be found here.

Assessment for Engineering

Part A: Coursework Project and Portfolio

Part B: 6hr Practical Exam

Part C: Written Exam


The Metalwork Curriculum can be found here.

Assessment for Metalwork

Part A: Coursework Project

Part B: 3hr Practical Exam for Higher Level

Part C: Written Exam


Below is a brief snapshot of projects that students can expect to design and manufacture.

Jewellery making project in 1st year.

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1st Year model car.

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WP 20150515 12 32 35 Pro

WP 20150519 11 20 57 Pro

2nd Year Buzz off game with LED's, Buzzer and recycled coathanger.

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Halloween Mask project for 1st/2nd years.



Decorative Clock project for 1st or 2nd years.


Transition Year scrap metal recycling project.



5th year dune buggy project.



Laser machined model motorbike for Transition years/5th years.



5th Year Plane desk fan and light.

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WP 20150518 15 06 08 Pro

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 20180509 205214 20180509 205146

Pizza slicer

 20180510 205717

 20180510 205627


2015 Leaving Cert model Thrill machines.

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WP 20150522 16 23 18 Pro



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